Monday, December 12, 2011

Old Railroad Scenes in New York State

New York Central depot, Camillus

Cincinnatus on  D.L.& W.

Lehigh Valley eastbound passenger train, Lodi

New York & Oswego Midland Auburn branch,
DeRuyter, ca. 1872, looking west

Lehigh Valley depot, East Ithaca
Lehigh Valley depot, Freeville

McGraw on D.L.& W.
Cortland on Lehigh Valley

DeRuyter on Lehigh Valley
New Woodstock on Lehigh Valley
R.W.& O. at Oswego

New York Central at Brewerton.
New York Central station, Richland

New York Central station, Lowville
New York Central station at Sackets Harbor.

New York Central depot, Pulaski

New York Central depot, Hannibal.

New York Central depot, Altmar
New York Central depot, Norwood
Grasse River Railroad, Cranberry Lake
New York Central depot, Remsen

Syracuse & Baldwinsville Railroad, Amboy, 1880s.

Cuba depot, Erie Railroad 

New York Central depot, Oneida

New York Central, Skaneateles Junction 

Well into the 1950s one could still ride a mixed train on the Lehigh Valley between Cortland and Canastota. This is the Lehigh Valley station in Cazenovia. 

            Lehigh Valley depot, Sylvan Beach.
It's hard to visual the out-of-the-way village of Freeville, near Ithaca,  once being a major railroad junction. Nevertheless it was such for many years. At this point, the north-south and east-west branches of the Lehigh Valley crossed at a diamond and several times daily the place was a hub-bub of activity as travelers changed trains. There was even a restaurant in the station. But it was all gone by the late 1930s and the station was demolished in 1941.  From the Dick Palmer collection.

In the 1890s, particularly before railroads were required to burn oil in their locomotives in the Adirondacks during spring, summer and fall, the New York Central & Hudson River RR maintained a firefighting train. Here, it poses at Thendara station, which at the time was called "Fulton Chain."  It is the same depot that today serves the Adirondack Scenic Railroad. Note the water pump atop the boiler. The Hotel Van Auken, shown at left, was later moved a short distance to the east, across the road. 
DL&W depot, Onativia

Snow scene, Philadelphia, N.Y.


Dryden on Lehigh Valley Auburn Branch

Westbound fast passenger train on New York
Central mainline, Warners, 1907.

Train arrival time at Freeville in the 1890s.

Carthage & Copenhagen Railroad station in Carthage,
early 1900s.

Too much shoving almost landed this coal car into
Lake Ontario,  at the Lehigh Valley trestle at
North Fair Haven.

Another view of the Lehigh Valley coal trestle at North
Fair Haven. Dismantled in the late 1930s.

DL&W coal dock in Oswego, early 1900s.

The Delaware, Lackawanna & Western shipped coal from this trestle in Oswego between 1882 and 1935 when it was dismantled and replaced by the new loader (above) which continued in operation until 1963. The photo was taken in 1969.

Early Preble depot on Syracuse branch, DL&W

"Pony" engine "Providence" switching in front of  Auburn Prison, 1860s. This engine was originally 
built for the Auburn & Rochester Railroad in 1841.

New York Central Canastota depot
Lehigh Valley, Newark Valley

Lehigh Valley, Geneva

Lehigh Valley, Locke

Lehigh Valley, Dryden
Cortland Junction
New York Central, Pembroke
Pennsylvania RR depot, Houghton

Lehigh Valley, Flemingville

Lehigh Valley, Moravia

Lehigh Valley, Newark Valley

New York Central, Cazenovia

Excursion train at Cato

Lehigh Valley depot, Richford

Lehigh Valley depot, Cuyler

McKeen motor car, Ithaca and Auburn Shortline

Depots at Batavia

NYO&W depot, Central Square

DL&W depot, Candor

Lehigh Valley depot, Union Springs

Lehigh Valley depot, Erin

Lehigh Valley depot and tower, Van Etten

Lehigh Valley, Sayre, Pa.

New York Central "Atlantic" No. 3000