Friday, October 25, 2013

Lehigh Valley train at Fair Haven, N.Y.

"Dummy" train at Seneca Falls

Lackawanna Railroad coal dock, Oswego, 1955

McKeen car on Ithaca-Auburn Short Line

Erie work train, Cameron Mills, N.Y., 1870s

Home made Lehigh Valley snowplow, Cortland, 1950s

Southern Central engine at Moravia,1870s

New York Central station, Palmyra, N.Y.

                                In the 1930s.

                                About 1955

New York Central at Lyons, looking east, 1950s

Black River & St. Lawrence "Pioneer"

This was a wooden-tracked railroad built from Carthage to Natural Bridge, N.Y. in the late 1860s.
Later, Carthage & Adirondack utilized the right of way for their line to Benson Mines.

Martisco near Camillus, early 1950s

Erie 4-4-2 Camelback at Port Jervis

Black Diamond at Sayre, Pa., circa 1927

Lehigh Valley Black Diamond at Ithaca, 1949

Lehigh Valley station, Rochester, 1940s

Lehigh Valley Black Diamond, Manchester, NY 1954

Lehigh Valley Sayre shops, 1940s

Lehigh Valley, Geneva Junction, 1940s

Eastbound Lehigh Valley Black Diamond, Geneva, 1946

Middlesex Valley RR near Geneva, 1890s

Eastbound Lehigh Valley freight, Geneva Junction, late 1940s

Lehigh Valley Black Diamond, Buffalo, 1946

Skaneateles Shortline weed sprayer car, June, 1968

New York Central "Atlantic" No. 3000