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Central Valley Railroad - Our First Narrow Gauge

By Richard F. Palmer     The three-foot narrow gauge Central Valley Railroad (1872-1875)  ran from just south of Greene in Chenango County, N.Y. to just short of the village of Smithville Flats. It is believed to have been the first narrow gauge railroad in the United States.     The Central Valley Railroad Co., Articles of Association were filed March 30, 1870, capital stock $300,000, from Syracuse, Binghamton & New York Railroad at Chenango Forks to Smithville Flats, Chenango County, 12 miles. H.G. Crozier, Smithville, President; Lewis S. Hayes, Treasurer;  S.L. Rhodes, Secretary. Certificate of change of the southern terminus to Greene, on Utica Division of the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western, filed Jan. 7, 1871. P. 135, Gazetteer of the State of New York by Franklin B. Hough.   It lasted three years and the town of Smithville got the short end of the stick literally having to pay on the bonds for more than 35 years after the railroad was abandoned - $230,000 on $…