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Erie Railroad

Callicoon, N.Y.

                                              Another view of Callicoon station

                                              Depot at Pine Bush, N.Y.

4-4-2 # 535

                                                         4-6-2 #2511

                                                 2-8-2 #4210

4-6-2 #2719

Unadilla Valley Railroad at Holmesville, 1956


Famous New York Central 999


Otselic Valley Railroad


                     Compiled by Richard F. Palmer
New York Evening Post
October 1, 1906

   The Otselic Valley Railroad Company, which will operate a street surface road from South Otselic, Chenango County to Georgetown Station, Madison County, a distance of twelve miles, was incorporated at Albany today with a capital of $120,000. (Had 4 cars. Benjamin F. Gladding, president; E.J. Stack, vice president;  Dewitt C. Crumb, secretary; Ralph R. Brown, treasurer,  and M.K. Perkins, a director, all of South Otselic. July, 1907. P. 266. American Street Railway Investments,   New York, 1908).

Otsego  Valley Herald, Cooperstown
Friday, October 5, 1906

    The Otsego Valley Railroad Company was incorporated on Monday in Albany. It will extend from South Otselic in Chenango County to Georgetown Station in Madison County, a distance of twelve miles.  The capital stock is $120,000 and the company plans to operate the road by gasoline or electricity. The di…