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Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley Railroad

In 1865 the Articles of Association for the Cooperstown and Susquehanna Valley R.R. Company (C&SVRR) were filed. The stated purpose was to construct a railroad “from a point at or near the Village of Cooperstown to a point at or near Colliersville forming a junction with the Albany and Susquehanna Rail Road”.  In February 1868 work was started on the line.  However, the first train was not run until July 14, 1869.  The road was broad gauge (6 feet) to be compatible with the Albany & Susquehanna.  On May 28, 1876 the entire 16 miles was “narrowed up” “the work being completed by 4 p.m.”     On June 6, 1880 the enginehouse of the C&SVRR burned, damaging the road’s two engines and destroying a baggage car.  The names of the engines were “The Otsego” and “Middlefield”. Two extensions of the C&SVRR were authorized by the State. The first was in 1869 from Cooperstown to Richfield Springs.  The second was in 1885 for an extension from its “southern terminus … to or near t…