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Old New York Central Station in Syracuse

Syracuse Herald                Sunday, April 2, 1939
                  Old New York Central Station Ordered Razed
    Basing action on finding that the west wall of the building is near collapse, and that the structure is a menace to public safety, the Syracuse Department of Fire announced Saturday that the disused New York Central station is condemned and the railroad has been directed to demolish it at once.     Fire Marshal Charles Wilkes acted on the basis of inspection of the building which he described as "in very dangerous condition." Mayor Marvin, who returned Friday  night from New York City, made no comment regarding the development.     The fire marshal submitted photographs showing brickwork and stonework around cornices crumbling and asserted that the west wall is cracking.     The old station was built in 1895 and abandoned in September, 1936. It has stood for two and one-half years without heat and has fallen into disrepair. It was said two year…

Lehigh Valley depot at McLean, N.Y.