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New York Central Station, Fayetteville, N.Y.


Trolley at Preble, New York, 1909


"DeWitt Clinton" Displayed at New York State Fair, 1921


Old time New York Central train at Little Falls

Shown at Little Falls is New York Central engine #491 was built at Schenectady Locomotive Works,  July, 1854 construction number #88 and became NYC #55. Rebuilt in 1868 and Re# 491 in 1877 and sold July, 1890. Drivers 66", 15” x 22”  cylinders, rebuilt with 16” x 22”,  was a woodburner as built, probably to coal in 1868. Notice the air pump, probably put on some time in the 70's.  That combine car looks to be from the 50's or 60's, judging by the curve of the roof and short clerestory.  Photo taken in the 1880s.

Some Lehigh Valley Railroad Scenes

Locomotive shop at Sayre, 1975

 Train at Caywood, N.Y., 1974

Freshly panted caboose at Sayre,  1975

NYO&W train near Sylvan Beach


Depot at Harrisville, N.Y.


New York, Ontario & Western Depot, Jewell, N.Y.


Marion River Carry Railroad, Aug. 25, 1927

The Marion River Carry was originally a portage around the rapids in the Marion River to Utowana Lake in the central Adirondack region of New York State. The carry was shortened by a dam, that raised the level of the river and then by the Marion River Carry Railroad. At 1,320 yards or 7-8ths of a mile it was the shortest standard-gauge railroad line in the United States.There is a detailed, animated, three-dimensional model of the carry railroad at the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake.      The Marion River played an important part in the development of the central Adirondacks. Both Blue Mountain Lake and Raquette Lake were acquired by Thomas Clark Durant, developer of the Union Pacific Railroad, as part of the building of the Adirondack Railway to North Creek in the 1870s.     Durant, his son, William West Durant, and other family members built hotels and great camps on both lakes. W.W. Durant dammed the river at the Utowana end in 1879, and operated a sawmill there; this…

Lehigh Valley Railroad Photos

Train at Elmira, NY

Eastbound milk train, Coxton, Pa.

Easton, Pa.

On turntable at Easton, Pa.
Old time 2-8-0

Westbound Black Diamond, Sayre, Pa.

Last westbound Black Diamond, Sayre, Pa., May 11, 1958.

Eastbound Black Diamond, Manchester, N.Y., 1954.

Lehighton, Pa., 1958.

Postcard view of Geneva station, ca. 1908

First train into Van Etten.

East Ithaca


South Bay

Erie Railroad Stations, Circa 1910

Canoe Camp, Pa.

Trowbridge, Pa.

Trowbridge, Pa.

Jackson Summit, Pa.

Tioga Junction, Pa.

Tioga, Pa.

Lambs Creek, Pa.




Salamanca (destroyed by arsonists, 2014)

Henry Street, Elmira

Seeley Creek, Pa.
                                                  Millerton, Pa.

Mansfield, Pa.