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Syracuse's Early Railroad Stations

Sketch based on specifications and bill of materials. 

                     South side view New York Central station in 1869.
By Richard Palmer
   It has been occasionally asked, “where was the first railroad station in Syracuse?” Since this topic has been barely touched upon  in the past,  it seems appropriate to discuss the topic in some detail.The first railroad station located within the current city limits was where the Auburn & Syracuse Railroad temporarily ended at West Genesee street. It appears to have been built in late 1837 or early 1838 when horsepower was still used to draw trains.     What slowed things down was the necessity of building a wooden trestle across a large pond that provided waterpower to the Red Mill. This pond covered much of the area just west of what is today South Franklin street which obstructed direct entry into downtown Syracuse. It covered most of what is now Armory Square and provided waterpower for the old Red Mill then located on We…